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Vectrix Japan Inc. –


Concept design, Styling, 3D CAS, Vehicle layout, Rendering, VR styling validation, Pre-engineering, Prototype engineering, building and testing, Manufacturing engineering, SOP support, Production issues support.

Project date

June 2020
– ongoing

Vectrix is one of the first electric scooter brands aiming to revolutionize urban transportation by developing electric scooters as a viable alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Back in 2006, Vectrix gained widespread attention with the introduction of the VX-1, the first electric maxi-scooter. The VX-1 was notable for its advanced electric propulsion technology, featuring a high-capacity battery and a powerful motor. It offered a smooth and quiet ride, making it an attractive option for riders looking for sustainable and efficient urban commuting solutions.

In the following years, the company worked on updating and improving the original design and introducing new models such as the VX-2 and VX-3. However, despite these efforts, Vectrix faced challenges in gaining market success, as the electric scooter market became more competitive with the entry of various new players.

In recent years, Vectrix approached Wheelab for innovating its business model and create a range of electric last mile delivery cargo vehicles.

The first version is called I-Cargo and features 3 wheels for maximum loading capacity in this category, and weather protected rider seat, providing a very effective and cost-efficient last mile delivery vehicle 

Wheelab collaborated from the very beginning of the programme, including various styling and layout options, battery installation options (fixed and removable) as well as powertrain installation and full vehicle engineering.

An initial set of prototypes has been built by Wheelab for carrying out assembly and functional verification

Wheelab also supports Vectrix for final industrialization of the project, thanks to its extensive experience working with Chinese and far-east component and technology suppliers

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