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As innovative technologies such as electrification, connectivity, and autonomous driving become widely available and adopted, traditional mobility patterns evolve at an unprecedented pace.

Intensive urbanization, the raise of megacities, and new business models (such as sharing platforms and vehicle fleets) present largely untapped opportunities for both the public and private sectors to capitalize on the growing popularity of L-category vehicles for passengers and goods transportation.

Motorcycles, scooters, urban commuters, three- and fourwheeled leaning vehicles and light cargo vehicles are just some of the means of transport on which we have gained unparalleled experience working in the field for decades, leading major programs for global players.

Wheelab was established to provide strategy, design and industrialization services to this highly competitive and specialized industry.

From concept to prototype, under the same roof.

Wheelab is located in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley, where you can breathe passion for 2 and 4 wheels in the air, and the most talented designers and engineers find fertile ground to cultivate their aspirations.

During our careers we have developed turnkey design and engineering programs as well as focused specialised support for a wide range of clients: global brands, niche players, small and promising start-ups.

Whether you’re working in an established vehicle manufacturer or you’re planning the next round of investments for your mobility start-up, at Wheelab you will find the right partner for sharing the path to the next breakthrough in the transportation industry

Working together, with you

At Wheelab, we decided to combine not only our expertises, gained working in the field for decades, but also our values: open-mind, originality, flexibility, pragmatism and the constant search for quality.
We provide our services to global players in the light mobility industry, with the aim of establishing and nurturing long-term professional relationships based on mutual trust and tangible results.

Massimo Lotti

Founding Partner
and Design Director

Massimo Lambertini

Technical Director and Senior Technologist

Marco Savelli

Key Account
and Project Manager

Simona Zanchi

Client Relationships
and Administration Manager

Styling Center

Our new studio is designed to foster creativity and innovation. Flooded with natural light and characterized by the warmth of eco-friendly materials, it reflects our values and is ready to host project teams and clients on the move.

We are fluent in all phases of the process, from paper, to 3D, to the physical dimension. Our in-house workshop is fully equipped for reverse engineering work, as well as for the construction and assembly of style mockups and running prototypes, on a 1:1 scale.

We pioneered the adoption of 3D printers since their first introduction, and kept up with their fast evolution, to take full advantage of their speed, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Our 3D scanner delivers unparalleled performance and versatility in generating high resolution point clouds of styling mockups and existing vehicles alike, which can be used as reliable references for surface reconstruction.

With our ISO-certified CMM (Coordinate-Measuring Machine) Faro arm, we carry out accurate inspections of components to ensure absolute precision and quality in all phases of the project.

Engineering Center

Nestled in the heart of an easily accessible urban area, our Engineering Center serves as a magnet for top engineering talent, drawing individuals from our local community and beyond. Situated within a contemporary business complex, it strikes the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and a refreshing connection to nature, thanks to expansive glass windows and open, airy spaces.

However, what truly sets our center apart is the dynamic team within its walls: a blend of youthful enthusiasm and seasoned expertise, united by a shared passion for technology, innovation, and, of course, vehicles—particularly motorcycles. This vibrant mix cultivates a positive atmosphere conducive to collaboration, fueling our collective drive to deliver outstanding results for the most ambitious and complex projects.

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