Transportation design, that works


First, we survey and analyze industry dynamics and market trends in order to identify key opportunities and define effective product strategies.

Then, we make the selected direction tangible by delivering concept designs, vehicle layouts, renderings of style explorations, and hi-quality 3D models.

Finally, we deliver running and tested prototypes, complete with a pre-engineered project, ready for the launch of production equipment activities.

Market Research

By analyzing sales data and conducting qualitative surveys with end users and subject matter experts, we identify mobility industry dynamics, market trends and people’s expectations.

We define insightful project briefs to align all departments
and stakeholders on specific, actionable opportunities.

Product Strategy

We generate multiple scenarios, each complete with product platform definition, unique selling propositions, vehicle layout, powertrain options, brand implications and key user values.

and value analysis

We carry out thorough analyses and road tests of competitor vehicles, measuring objective data like dimensions and costs, as well as subjective qualities, such as dynamic behavior and ride comfort.

We deliver comprehensive reports, which enable well- informed specifications of materials, components, production techniques, and suppliers.

Concept design

Before beginning the style exploration, we devote ourselves to the creation of innovative features, components, and solutions, often the result of smart ideas to make life a little easier for end users.

This activity is complemented by extensive research on existing patents, to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Vehicle layout

We specify all dimensions and parameters, including powertrain and components layout, which determine the dynamic behavior of vehicles.

Our in-depth knowledge of national and international regulations, ergonomics, and physics is the key to achieving functional, comfortable, and lightweight product packages.

Sketching, 3D CAS
and styling mockup

To approach the style exploration, we begin with freehand sketches, then quickly move on to 3D CAS (Computer Aided Styling) packages, which allow us to digitally sculpt complex surfaces and assemblies.

When asked, we can produce styling mockups in clay, foams and resins directly in our workshop, combining craftsmanship with 3D printing and components sourcing, to accurately convey the physical presence of our designs.

Photo-realistic rendering and VR
for styling validation

Through photo-realistic renderings and immersive VR, we present to our clients as truthful as possible previews of what we are designing, already verified in terms of feasibility.

Digital models can also be superimposed in AR onto rapid volumetric mockups, to validate the ergonomics of vehicles in just a few iterations.

Reverse engineering and Class A modeling

A preliminary digital model can be created by capturing styling mockups with our in-house 3D scanner.

We then go through a rigorous 3D CAS activity, mastering the most advanced software packages to produce hi-quality Class A surfaces.


Designers, modelers and engineers work together to build fully parametric CAD packages (Catia, Creo, and NX, among others), while confirming the industrial feasibility of each and every component.

and add-ons design

In L-category vehicles, accessories and add-ons make it possible to set up dedicated configurations for specific use cases.

We design these components in parallel with the development of the platform, to achieve perfect integration in terms of both style and function.

Our expertise extends to the design of soft accessories, such as sets of bags, leg covers, rucksacks, etc.

Type approval pre-compliance

Throughout the design process, we ensure that every component satisfies the requirements set by national and international regulatory bodies, and produce relevant documentation.

With our in-depth technical understanding and extensive industrial experience on both ICE and electric vehicles, we make sure that our clients can confidently face all kinds of type approvals.

e-Powertrain development

As key aspect of innovative vehicles design, we take care of bringing the latest technology for our e-powertrain solutions, meticulously aligning with the vehicle’s mission profile and optimizing vehicle integration. Our expertise extends to crafting customized battery prototypes and efficiently testing full-scale vehicle prototypes right next to our engineering facilities.

Prototype building and testing

We are equipped in-house to build and assemble fully functional, running prototypes.

We carry out extensive bench and road test programs, following clients’ specifications or our own protocol, aiming to anticipate and refine the dynamic behavior of production vehicles.

Manufacturing engineering

We undertake quality control processes to identify critical issues and resolve them quickly, so that each and every component is fit-for-purpose. We support our clients in selecting suppliers, even in best-value country sourcing.

We know what it takes to bring vehicles from early ideas to the assembly line. With us on your side, SOP (Start Of Production) is as smooth as it can be.

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