ARES Modena

The Project Unveiled


ARES Modena Srl –


Styling, 3D CAS, Vehicle layout, Rendering, VR styling validation, Pre-engineering, Prototype engineering, building and testing

Project date

March 2022
– March 2022

Luxury Italian coachbuilder ARES Modena merges traditional craftsmanship with advanced technologies to create limited editions and one-off bespoke cars, motorcycles and electric vehicles

One of their most recent initiatives involved the creation of a full range of luxury electric vehicles, including classy city car, café racer motorcycle, Vespa-style scooter, stylish kick-scooter and elegant-sporty e-bike.

Wheelab was involved from very early concept phase on several vehicles of ARES E-Mobility platform in order to leverage its huge experience in the styling, engineering and prototype build fields. Making the most out of its digital styling processes, engineering skills, 3D printing technologies and its network of prototype component suppliers in the Italian motor valley, Wheelab created several running prototypes with production-like quality for ARES to showcase its new concepts to investors, press and shareholders

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